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The Eighth District Court of Appeals is the last stop for justice here in Cuyahoga County and I am proud to be serving on the bench. Prior to being elected judge in 2020, I had spent my career arguing complex and nuanced cases in state and federal courts and many right before this very court. It is critical that our judges have a variety of experiences to bring a broad perspective to the Court, so that that last stop for justice is fair and efficient. I  respectfully ask you to re-elect me and allow me the honor of continuing to serve.


Judge Lisa Forbes, 8th District Court of Appeals 

How You Can Help Lisa


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Campaigns are a lot of work but together, we can elect Lisa Forbes to the 8th District Court of Appeals.  How can you help?



Vote: Election Day is Tues.

Nov. 3rd and Early Voting Starts Oct. 6th. We need your vote for Lisa Forbes.



Thank you for being a part of this campaign. Contribute today to help elect Lisa Forbes and bring real change to the Cuyahoga County bench.

The 8th District Court of Appeals is the last stop for justice in CUYAHOGA county.


Forbes in the News

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